Garden of Light


This Garden of Light was commissioned in 2009 by the department of transportation public art work program in Puget Sound, WA, more commonly known as Sound Transit’s STart Program. The piece was designed to be site specific in nature, although the dimensions are variable.

After a number of years working with glass that has been treated in various ways to interact and diffuse light, the Garden of Light is the culmination of the last several months of this new work in sculpture, light and sound composition.  Specifically, is an investigation into the materials that are readily available that serve to diffuse light, and distribute sound from a visual source, as well as an incorporation of sound recordings from far away locations and an experiment into incorporating then as potentially native sounds to the local environment.

In this installation, the light is designed to pulse, breathe, and respond to pedestrian traffic, reflecting the nature of the neighborhood in which it is installed and the flow of people therein. Given the tenderness with which light works or is washed out as a medium, this piece will have the greatest impact at night, when light disturbance from other sources is minimized.

Having worked with light in various forms for twenty years, designing lamps and displays, and altering a variety of environments, working mainly with projected light, embedded LEDs and fiber optic cable as a means of creating volumes of light that respond to and reflect the environment and audience that witnesses them.

Materials used: sewn coffee filters, fiber optics, and LED lights driven by computer and custom electronics, field recordings from Spain, Morocco and Seattle.


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