Forest of Souls

Forest of Souls, a site specific installation created in response to the indigenous heritage site of Tollefson Plaza in downtown Tacoma, WA.

Shower of Sweet Nothings

Shower of Sweet Nothings, a portal intervention to democratize access to love from strangers. A crowd sourced emotional orgy, in audio.

The River Project

The River Project, an interactive sound and light installation of a room filled with blown glass river rocks, breathing blue light, and speaking the collected audio stories of strangers from all over the US. A gentle experiment in widespread witness.

222 Untitled

222 Untitled, a time specific 8 foot by 8 foot chandelier of 222 kiln formed glass pieces, each representing a human egg that the artist’s body had made since the beginning of menarche until the month of the exhibition. An expression of our persistent, unseen creative force.

I Will Build You a Hearth

I Will Build You a Hearth, a site specific collaboration with mosaic artist Kate Jessup at the defunct Immigration Detention Center in Seattle, WA. A quiet felection on the long, homeless passages of people and time through the space.

Garden of Light

Garden of Light, commissioned by the Sound Transit Storefronts program to bring engagement and reflection to the local community to the under utilized space of transportation. A preview to the light rail station that was soon so be built.

This Way

This Way, a collection of directions and directives gathers from strangers, attempting in vain to create an existential way finding process life by crowd sourcing insights on the best way to go and way to do.


Pulse, commissioned by ConWorks gallery for their Heaven and Hell gala, this was the centerpiece of Heaven, a 10 foot by 15 foot wall of styrofoam balls with an animated projection of sunsets, sunrises, and clouds.